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Founding Master Wu Chuan Yau studied under Master Yang Lu Chan, then under his son Master Yang Ban Hou. Master Wu Chuan Yau’s son, the second generation Master Wu Chien Chuan was originally employed by the Ching court in the palace battalion of the Imperial Guards. In 1916 Master Wu Chien Chuan, along with other famous Wushu experts of the time like Yang Shao Hou, Yang Cheng Fu, Sun LU Tang established the Beijing Institute of Physical Education later renamed as the Beijing School of Physical Education.

The first Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan academy was established in Shanghai in 1935 by Master Wu Chien Chuan. In 1937, his son Master Wu Kung Cho moved south to Hong Kong and set up a Wu’s Tai Chi Chuan Academy. His other son, Master Wu Kung Yi and his grandson Master Wu Tai Kwei also set up academies in Hong Kong and Macau.

In January 1954 Macau’s New Flower Garden Hotel sponsored a charity fight: “Wu versus Chen”. In the opening seconds the opponent was struck on the nose causing profuse bleeding. After exceeding the allotted rest-time, the fight continued but a kick to the knee violated the regulations and the fight was called off. Following this fight, Wu style Tai Chi Chuan became even more popular. Various Chinese communities throughout Southeast Asia requested that branch Academies to be set up for them. Master Wu Kung Yi sent his second son Master Wu Tai Chi as well as Master Wu Kung Cho’s second son Master Wu Tai Sin to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Manila to establish branch Academies.